Hello, my name is Sarah Gardan. I'm an Australian francophile living the dream as an international portrait photographer between Paris, Sydney, London, Dubai, Singapore and beyond.

I was given my first camera at three years of age and it's been a love affair ever since. I've always loved looking at old photos and as a child I was constantly pouring over old family albums. The photos would evoke memories of my childhood and solidified my sense of family. I was in awe that a moment in time could be captured forever.  

During my early childhood years I lived in Singapore which allowed me to experience the diverse cultures of the world and gave me my first taste of international life. As a teenager I often travelled to the USA for holidays from Australia, which gave me an understanding of how small our world really is. Sydney one day, New York City the next.

In 2003, after ten years of working for advertising agencies, with only a suitcase and a dream of living in the french capital, I moved to France. A year later, inspired by the beauty of Paris, my portrait photography business was created. The City of Light inspired me to work primarily in natural light, which is a feature of my photography. Paris quickly became my muse before returning to Australia in 2010. Although I now return to Paris several times a year to get my fix of all things french and to make the most of those stunning Parisian backdrops. 

Initially my focus was photographing families with the beautiful monuments of Paris, however my portrait business has now expanded internationally and I regularly have sessions not only in Paris but also London, Sydney, Dubai, Singapore, Bali and beyond.

More recently I've been working with individuals & businesses to create personal branding images and portrait headshots for their websites, blogs, editorial and social media profiles (including LinkedIn). I'm exceptionally grateful to be able to pursue my dream job and to meet many wonderful people from all over the world. Best of all, I'm able to combine my three passions - travelling, meeting people and taking photographs. 

Mythologist Joseph Campbell said, "follow your bliss"  I'm lucky enough to follow mine and hopefully I'll be able to share a little bliss with you along the way.

For more details on Family, Personal Branding or Corporate Headshot photography sessions please drop me a note here.





It only takes 2-3 seconds for people to form an opinion from a photo. Ensure you make the right impression. If you're an entrepreneur, business owner or corporate professional make an impact with your profile photo and connect with your target audience.

Whether it's for your business reputation, website, LinkedIn, editorial or promotional material let's work together to create some images that truly reflect your personal brand or company. I've worked successfully with business professionals, life coaches, entrepreneurs and creative artists to create impactful profile images in cities including Paris, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Dubai, Singapore and beyond.

What sets me apart as a photographer? My branding acumen - ten years of working in advertising agencies - combined with my photographer's eye and experience growing a small business primarily using social media. This allows me to define & create other's own unique online presence; one which will communicate the quality of their personal brand.

There are a range of photography packages available from basic LinkedIn style headshots through to complete branding portrait packages. Whether you only need a few images for your social media profile or a pool of images to launch your new website we can tailor something to suit your needs.  Feel free to pop over to the info page or email me for pricing via the contact page.

In 2016 Sarah Gardan Photography will be offering Personal Branding Sessions & Headshot sessions in capital cities around Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane & Canberra as well as international cities including Paris, London, Dubai, Singapore and Bali.

Should you wish to have a photo session in another city please feel free to send me an email as I'm always open to travelling to other locations too. Did I mention I love travelling?!?




I'm a natural light portrait photographer and I'm passionate about photography and capturing the magic of your family and loved ones. We live busy lives and there are always excuses not to have family photos taken but don't be 'that family' who puts it off year after year. Life passes quickly and those uber cute baby curls will straighten, the chubby cheeks will disappear, and the baby teeth will fall out. Children grow quickly and before you know it you'll have missed capturing the beauty of your family exactly how they are today.

I LOVE photographing families. I have three children of my own who are my inspiration. I have a gorgeous 11 year old son, and two daughters : a brilliant 8 year old and a delightfully cheeky 6 year old. You could say I'm well versed in kids. I'm lucky enough to have photographed families in Paris, London, New York, Sydney, Dubai, Singapore and Bali and I'd love the opportunity to capture the magic of your family.

My photo sessions are very relaxed and for me it's a great opportunity to spend some time with your family. Many families choose to have photos taken in their local park, a holiday destination, a picturesque location in your city or maybe somewhere sentimental for your family. I photograph lots of expat families in Paris, Dubai, Singapore and Bali and understand the importance of capturing the kids where they grow up. I also understand that sometimes family might live in far away places and so photos can be a gift to share with the family on the other side of the world. Feel free to pop over to the Galleries to have a look at some recent sessions.

If you are tempted for me to capture the beauty of your family please email me for more details.




If you would like to book a family, couple, branding portrait sessions or corporate headshots please feel free to send me a short note including what type of photography shoot is of interest and where and when you want it. 

Upcoming shoot dates are also planned for Paris, London, Dubai, Singapore, Bali and capital cities throughout Australia.

Hope to see you some time soon in Paris or beyond.

*** I've lost a few messages of late so if you don't hear from me within 48 hours please email me at info@sarahgardan.com ***


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