I recently had the opportunity to photograph an american family who were visiting Paris for the summer holidays. The family had lived in Paris for many years so the children enjoyed catching up with their old Parisian friends once again. And the family enjoyed all those little things in France that you miss about Paris when you don’t live there anymore.

I always love comparing notes with families who have moved from France. Life after Paris, the good and the bad. But the amazing thing about leaving Paris is it’s always there when you wish to return. And the faces and places may have changed a little but the soul of the City of Light is always just the same.

Sapna, I hope you have some wonderful memories of your family vacation to Paris and I’m very much looking forward to catching up with you once again sometime in the future.


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There’s something pretty special about living in another country and experiencing another culture and life in Paris is certainly a different experience for most anglo saxons. Personally I think it’s great for kids to experience another culture, learn another language and to have experiences that are vastly different to how their life would be in their home country. Nothing like broadening their minds and opening their minds to new adventures.

I was lucky enough to meet these lads a few years ago through a mutual friend and I have to say they are an absolute bundle of energy. I’m always in awe of mums of boys as they are usually very active and energetic. These little guys have just moved back to Ireland after living in Paris for a few years and I was lucky enough to meet them this summer for a Family Photography Session with a Parisian flavour. As expected the boys came with oodles of energy but that’s always quite handy when you are having some family portraits taken.

Louise, I hope the move back to Ireland has gone smoothly and I’m looking forward to our paths crossing again sometime in the future. In the meantime I hope these photos bring back some happy memories of your days in Paris.


Sarah Gardan Photography is offering Fall Photography Sessions in Paris, London, Switzerland, Amsterdam this September / October. Upcoming sessions also include San Francisco, Chicago, Bali & Dubai. For more information please use the Contact Page at the top of the page.

Or please feel free to visit the Sarah Gardan Photography website for more details.



I always feel so blessed to take photos of families who are moving away from Paris. It takes me back to my own international move with my family from Paris to Australia not so long ago. Such an emotional time as you pack up your french life into boxes, say goodbye to friends and start organising your new life in a different country. Which toys to pack, what to give away, which clothes to pack in the suitcase, sorting through all those admin details and all those emotional farewells. A mammoth effort. But in amongst the craziness it’s great to remember to capture some memories of the family together in Paris.

So I was thrilled the day I had an email from Jen who asked me if I could capture her family in their local quartier in the 5th arrondisement before they moved back to the USA. We met early one summer morning and as luck would have it, it was the perfect summer morning with blissful temperatures and beautiful blue skies. And of course super cute kids and a fabulous local Parisian park always make my job as a family photographer super easy.




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There’s a quote I’ve always loved …  “If you do what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life”.  And I’m lucky enough to follow this philosophy as a portrait photographer in Paris. In fact I could take photos ALL DAY and I often warn people to give me a gentle nudge if our photography sessions go on for too long. After all what could be more fun than taking photos of super cute faces out and about in the beautiful City of Light.

One of my favourite locations for photography sessions is at the Louvre in Paris. And so I was thrilled to meet Nick and Susannah early one summer morning to do some family photos with a subtle Parisian flavour. And with kids as cute as theirs it’s hard not to love my job. And given I’ve known (and photographed) them for years it’s lovely to capture the magic of the girls as they grow up.

Hope you like the photos N&S and I’m looking forward to sharing the rest of the gallery with you super soon.


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It’s always great fun to be back in France doing family photography sessions with a distinctively Parisian flavour. Especially during the warmer months and this summer certainly has been a somewhat warm summer in Paris.

It’s always a treat to meet new people and to hear about their life in Paris. So I was thrilled to meet this canadian family early one Saturday morning in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower and get to know them all a little bit. And of course I LOVE photographing children. Luckily for us it was one of those stunning summer mornings in Paris. Beautiful temperature, blue skies, cute kids and super fun parents. What more could I ask for than fun and laughter for a photography session.

Victoria & Erik it was so great to meet you and I hope you love the sneak peek. Thanks so much for asking me to take you family photographs. It was a complete pleasure to photograph you all. Your kids are gorgeous and what fun I had.

Once again I’m ever so grateful to be living my dream as a Child & Family photographer in Paris. And I can’t wait to be back in Paris offering Fall Photography Sessions after La Rentree in September.


Sarah Gardan Photography is offering Fall Photo Sessions in Paris between September 11th – October 5th 2015. Please use the contact button at the top of the page if you would like some more information.