Hello I'm Sarah Gardan & I take photos. I have the longest commute in the world because I live in Sydney, but work in Paris. I offer sessions in the City of Light during Spring, Summer & Fall. I also offer regular photography sessions all over Australia, London, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong and beyond. I love travelling so why not tempt me to where you live.

    My three wonderful children are my inspiration. I have a gorgeous 9 year old son and two daughters: a brilliant 6 year old and a delightfully cheeky 3 year old.

    In my photography I strive to embrace the natural beauty of babies, children, families and individuals. In essence to 'capture the magic' that shines in each of us. I specialise in natural light, so my sessions are always 'flash free' as I feel natural light really brings out the inner beauty of us all.

    Joseph Campbell said, "follow your bliss" I'm lucky enough to follow mine and hopefully I'll be able to share a little bliss with you along the way.

Libby | Sydney Personal Branding & Headshot Photographer | Sarah Gardan Photography

One of the best thing about my job is I get to meet some pretty incredible people. And strangely enough I often find there is a real synchronicity in that the people I photograph are usually likeminded and people who I’d generally connect with in life. Some clients have become really good friends after our photo sessions (you know who you are). Working with individuals for their personal branding & headshot images is also a great way to get to know about different businesses and to meet some wonderful people too.

I was super chuffed recently to meet Libby in Sydney who wanted some images for her online presence ie LinkedIn, Twitter and her website. If you have a business in 2014 it’s pretty hard to survive without profile images. And what a pleasure Libby was to photograph. Thanks for being so amazing Libby.

Once again counting my lucky starts to have found my DREAM JOB!!!


 Sarah Gardan is offering Personal Branding & Headshot Sessions in capital cities around Australia, Europe and UK in 2014. To secure your spot please go to the contact page on the website.

Iku Wholefood | Sydney Health & Wellness Photographer | Sarah Gardan Photography

Recently I’ve been lucky enough to delve into the world of Health and Wellbeing photography which is an area I’m terribly interested in.  I’ve been working with naturopaths and nutritionists, amongst others, to create images for their websites and online profiles. Given I specialise in natural light photography, with a somewhat modern feel, it appears there is a natural fit (excuse the pun!!).

I was super chuffed to be involved with Iku Wholefood and create some lifestyle images for their website. Not only did I get to meet some incredible people including  Costa Georgiadis but it was also lots of fun. Feel free to pop over and have a little looksee. And if you’re in Sydney and haven’t already done so, be sure to pop into an Iku Wholefood and enjoy the delicious food sometime soon.


Thursday, March 6 2014 - 1:31 pm

Kendall - A natural fit … LOL! But it’s true. Your images look beautiful on Iku’s site Sarah. I’m loving your move into profile shots too. Everybody needs them nowadays!

Flashback to Fall in London | London Portrait Photographer | Sarah Gardan Photography

My how time flies. And it certainly has been super busy since I was in London last November offering Fall Photo Sessions. With the holiday season there is always a rush for photos, followed by Christmas and the summer holidays here in Australia it’s always a somewhat manic time of year. Not to mention the fact that I have launched a new Headshots website so I’m now working with entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals and creating their images for LinkedIn and other online profile pics.

But my kids are back at school for a new school year this week and my work life resumes once again so I thought it was a good opportunity to share some of the Fall Photo Sessions. And why not kick start with the super cute Augustine who I photographed in Hyde Park in London. I’ve been photographing Augie since he was only 5 months old so it was a huge treat to have the opportunity to photograph him and his family in their new home base of London.

Augie looked super cute in his school uniform and as you can see we had a really fun morning together.


Sarah Gardan Photography will be offering London & Paris Photography Sessions in June so please feel free to drop me an email if you are tempted to have a family photo session or to have some headshots taken for your online profile.

Splashes of pink | Melbourne Family Photographer | Sarah Gardan Photography

I recently had a photo session in Melbourne with a family who had just returned from a trip to Paris.  As luck would have it, we met on the first day of summer and it was a stunning day in Melbourne. To my delight everyone was looking great with a splash of pink, which worked a treat against the background of green at the Royal Botanic Gardens. We had a really fun morning together and I was completely enchanted by the girls. Both of whom were a lot of fun and were a real treat for me to photograph.

George & Claire, it was fabulous to meet you and the girls and I’m really looking forward to sharing the rest of the images with you sometime soon.







Sarah Gardan Photography will be offering  Family Photo Sessions and Headshots Sessions &  in Melbourne and other capital cities in January 2014. Feel free to drop me an email to sarah.gardan AT gmail.com if you are looking for some family photos or to freshen up your image for 2014.


Headshots of Julie | Paris Headshot Photographer | Sarah Gardan Photography

Whilst I was in Paris I had the lovely opportunity to photograph Julie, an actress from Copenhagen. Julie wanted some new images for her portfolio. And what better place for headshots than Paris. It was a somewhat chilly morning when we met up in mid November and I have to say I was super impressed with Julie who braved the cold. Although after a while we both decided it was a wise move to warm up and so popped indoors for a quick café creme before venturing on to the Pont des Arts or the Love Lock bridge. Which is always a personal favourite for me.

Julie, it was such a treat to meet you and I wish you all the success for the future. I’m also hoping that our paths might cross again sometime. Fingers crossed for Copenhagen in 2014.


Sarah Gardan Photography will be offering  Headshots Sessions & Family Photo Sessions in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth & Canberra in January & February 2014. And in Paris and London too. Feel free to drop me an email to sarah.gardan AT gmail.com if you are looking for some family photos or to freshen up your image for 2014.

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